Puffin Book Editions

Ursula Moray William’s Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse. First edition thus, 1959 at 3/-. (No. 125)

Michael Bond’s A Bear Called Paddington. First edition thus, 1962 at 3/-. (No. 179)

Michael Bond’s More about Paddington. First edition thus, 1963 at 3/-. (No. 199)

Patricia Lynch’s The Bookshop on the Quay. First thus edition, 1964 at 3/6. (No. 218)

Michael Bond’s Paddington Helps Out. First edition thus, 1965 at 3/-. (PS227)

Michael Bond’s Paddington at Large. First edition thus, 1966 at 3/6. (PS263)

Michael Bond’s Paddington Abroad. First edition thus, 1967 at 3/6. (PS294)

Michael Bond’s Paddington Marches On. First edition thus, 1968 at 3/6. (PS336)

Michael Bond’s Paddington at Work. First edition thus, 1969 at 17 1/2p and 3/6. (PS399)

Leila Berg’s Little Pete Stories. Puffin reprint, 1963 or 1965 at 3/6. (PS124)

Puffin Books issued, from the late 1960s onwards, box sets of the Young Puffin editions.
The boxes have coloured illustrations by Peggy Fortnum.